Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 10:14

ohip+—how many +’s to come?

It appears that the Ontario government has released a winner with OHIP+, offering pharmacare for people under the age of 25. If there was a Billboard chart for political announcements, this one would be on its way to platinum across all genres and demographics.

The potential to save employers money on their drug spend is, without question, one plus. But just how much will really be saved? Don’t we already have drug coverage accessible to everyone through Trillium? Are we naive enough to think that OHIP+ will be funded by shifting current taxation revenue towards it?  Can we expect employer health tax to stay unchanged in 2018? 

The devil is in the details or in this case the “+’s” yet to come.

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noel mackay CEBS, principal consultant, national benefits, the williamson group—a cowan company

Noel MacKay lends his expertise to The Williamson Group’s blog by analyzing current and future drug trends to ensure that organizations are well-informed and prepared for all eventualities. Noel’s thoughtful and responsible approach provides clarity, manages plan complexities, and creates sustainable solutions for our in-force clients.

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