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Holistic and integrated in approach, our products have been built on the understanding that health and wellbeing permeates through all aspects of an individuals life, generating positive outcomes at work, within the family unit and out in the community at large. Successfully combining wellness and prevention with top-tier medical solutions, our products energise individuals and workplaces to become the best and the most productive that they can be.

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By tackling the issues surrounding both physical and psychological disability, your company can actively reduce the costs associated with long and short term disability. A decrease in absenteeism and a safer, faster return to work means your business can continue to benefit from the crucial input your employees deliver into the organization.

As individual as your requirements, our products are flexible and scalable, adapting effortlessly to any size organization or individual need. In a ‘one-size-fits-all’  world, you’ll find our tailored approach refreshingly individual.

TWG's innovative product within Disability Management Solutions is:

Return to Health®

Aimed at providing all over organizational wellbeing, Return to Health works with your employees to help them to become as engaged and productive as their abilities allow.

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