GlobaLocal™ is a global network of local employee benefit expertise. What does that mean? It means we help our Canadian clients who are looking to expand abroad through our worldwide network of employee benefit expertise. It also assists international employers who are looking to create a presence in Canada, or who are already operating in the Canadian market and wish to improve their group benefit offering.

Canada is a vast and diverse country. To newcomers, our employee benefit system can seem just as vast and diverse as our geography. That is why it is so important to have a guide who fully understands the possibilities and potential pitfalls of the terrain ahead.

We will provide a roadmap through the maze of benefit, pension options and financial security programs that are available, and we'll stay by your side to ensure you successfully achieve your desired Canadian outcomes.

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Our innovative team of experts starts by developing a full understanding of your business, your needs and wants. They will then design an integrated plan that matches your corporate culture with the most cost-effective benefit programs and financial services.


Asinta - a global network of independent, unbiased employment benefit advisors and consultants. Your global benefits shouldn't be complicated.


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