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Return to Health® is the culmination of many years of listening, adapting and implementing medically managed disability programmes for our clients and their employees. It became clear early on that the traditional disability model was flawed, leading to delayed treatment and hindering a successful return to work. A fact exacerbated by the increase in workforce disability and the changing nature of those disabilities from physical to psychological. This, combined with the issue of an ageing workforce resulting in higher and more complex incidence led to today, where many companies are experiencing alarming increases in the costs of their disability management.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With Return to Health’s unique program you can reduce the cost of disability management and enhance the coverage and treatment for your employees’.

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Return to Health has redesigned the way companies and their employees deal with disability claims. At its core is a proactive model for disability management focusing on the needs of employees. From cutting initial claim approval times and harmonizing benefit payments to reducing diagnostic wait times through our national network of physicians, Return to Health creates a culture of communication and support that helps employees to re-engage with the world of work in a safe and timely manner.

By adopting this employee-centric approach, we ensure that our clients get their valuable assets back to work sooner where they can provide the productivity, aptitude and customer service they need to help their organization run smoothly.

By implementing Return to Health in your firm, you will also benefit from a healthy return on your investment. By working closely in partnership with our clients, we have maintained an impressive rate of 4.7 long term disability claims per 1,000 employees. This dramatically lower number saves our clients money, a lot of money. As short term disability is resolved more effectively, you can also expect to benefit from a 30% reduction in long term disability claims within three years or less.

Add to this the fact that Return to Health claims are resolved on average in less than four weeks in comparison with the industry norm of eight and you begin to see the potential savings that can be gained by implementing this outstanding program.

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